Read multiple text files as separate matrices

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I have multiple text files and i want to import each of them as separate data (the number of text files is changing) I have taken some help from the previously asked question and written a small code but i am not being able to import any data. I have attached the text file and the code. I will really appreciate any help i this regard.
input_folder = 'T:New\files';
files = dir(fullfile(input_folder, '*.txt'));
file_paths = fullfile({files.folder}, {});
for i = 1 : numel(file_paths)
format = '%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f';
data = textscan(file_paths{i}, format,'headerlines', 7);

Accepted Answer

Rik on 1 Feb 2021
The textscan function requires either an fid as input, or a character array. Your code doesn't actually read the data from the file, but from the file name.
It will also overwrite the variable data every file.
fadzhi on 1 Feb 2021
Edited: fadzhi on 1 Feb 2021
clear all;
D = 'T:\New\files';
S = dir(fullfile(D, '*.txt'));
N = length(S);
A = cell(N,1);
fmt = '%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f%f';
% fmt=repmat('%f',1,2);
for k = 1:N
fid = fopen(fullfile(D,S(k).name), 'r');
A(k)= textscan(fid, fmt, 'Delimiter', '\t', ...
'headerlines', 7, ...
'CollectOutput', 1);
Rik on 1 Feb 2021
Glad to be of help.
You should avoid clear all, and use clear or clearvars instead.

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