show probabilities (-inf+inf, -3dev-3dev and so on....)

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show probabilities (-inf+inf, -3dev-3dev and so on....)
>> mu = 12.5;
sigma = 3.75;
xs = [0:.01:25];
ys = normpdf(xs, mu, sigma);
plot(xs, ys);
Follow with the mean and std
Amer Al-Maashani
Amer Al-Maashani on 28 Jan 2021
'by integrating pdf You can find the probability of the signal apperance in given level ranges' teacher's explanation.

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 28 Jan 2021
Edited: James Tursa on 28 Jan 2021
"Integrating pdf" and "probability ... in given level ranges" sounds like the teacher wants you to use the cdf to get the cumulative probability between a range of values. E.g., maybe this is what is being asked:
>> mu = 12.5;
>> sigma = 3.75;
>> pd = makedist('Normal','mu',mu,'sigma',sigma); % Make a Normal pdf
>> cdf(pd,inf) - cdf(pd,-inf) % the integrated probablility between -inf and +inf
ans =
>> cdf(pd,mu+3*sigma) - cdf(pd,mu-3*sigma) % the integrated probablity between mu-3sigma and mu+3sigma
ans =

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