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Report Generator: Add Notes in Report Generator & Add Live Script to Report

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i am sitting on two problems regarding the Report Generator. (MATLAB 2020a)
Add Notes to report with the Report Generator
For documenting Code I want to use the Notes Function (Modeling -> System Design -> Notes). Currently I add the Notes to a Reporth with the matlab report class. (A short excerpt of my script)
rpt ="Name","docx");
finder = DiagramFinder("SimulinkModel");
ch = Chapter("Diagram Report");
while hasNext(finder)
system = next(finder);
sc = Section("Title",system.Name);
notes = Notes(system);
Is it possible to use the Report Generator / Report Explorer to add System Notes to a report, as there is no function provided?
Add Live Script to report
For equations and theory I use Simulink Live Scripts. I want them in an extra chapter of my report. Is it possible to add Live Scripts to a Report? If this is not possible directly, maybe i can convert the live script to a .docx file and then add id to a existing word report?
Thank you and best regards

Answers (1)

Sanchari on 22 May 2024 at 8:45
Hello Alexander,
The first use-case that you have described is available as a feature in R2024a. So please consider upgrading to this version and check out the following MathWorks Documentation on “Report Model Notes”,
However, given that you are using MATLAB R2020a, since direct support for some features might not exist, there are possible solutions and workarounds for both issues:
Adding System Notes to a Report:
Currently, the script-based approach is a good strategy. The method of iterating over systems in a Simulink model and adding notes to the report is valid. However, if “Notes(system)” isn't directly fetching the notes because it's not a built-in function for this purpose, you might need to manually fetch and format the notes from each system. Here's an enhanced approach:
  1. Fetch System Notes: You'll need to access the notes from each system manually. If the system notes are stored in a block or as a parameter, you'll have to fetch them using “get_param” or similar functions.
  2. Format and Add Notes: Once you have the notes, format them as text or paragraphs using “mlreportgen.dom” classes and then add them to your section.
Adding Live Scripts to a Report:
For incorporating MATLAB Live Scripts “.MLX files” into your report, converting the live script to a format that's compatible with report (e.g., PDF, DOCX) and then including it is a practical approach. MATLAB doesn't provide direct support for embedding “.MLX” content into reports generated by “” in R2020a so here's how you can convert and include a live script:
1. Convert Live Script to PDF: First, convert your “.MLX” file to a “.PDF”. While MATLAB R2020a doesn't have a direct function in the Live Editor to export to “DOCX”, you can use “PDF” as an intermediary. Here’s the code snippet:
matlab.internal.liveeditor.openAndConvert('yourScript.mlx', 'yourScript.pdf');
2. Include PDF in Report: Directly embedding a “.PDF” into a “.DOCX” report isn't straightforward. As a workaround, you can include a link in the report that points to the PDF file stored locally or hosted online. Here’s the code snippet:
link = mlreportgen.dom.ExternalLink('path/to/yourScript.pdf', 'See the Live Script here');
add(sc, link);
Please refer to the following references to know further about:
  1. Create Report Programs (MathWorks Documentation):
  2. Simulink Report Generator Task Examples:
  3. Report Model Notes (MathWorks Documentation):
  4. MATLAB Report Generator – Custom Report Using Report API (File Exchange):
Hope this helps!

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