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gplotmatrix problem in GUI

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as hz
as hz on 10 Apr 2013
Dear All,
I am using a gplotmatrix inside a GUI but when the I try to plot it in an Axes (axesPlot1) it is extending to all the screen (on top off all the other GUI components). Strangely, It does not happen with the plot. Is there a limitation in gplotmatrix?, How can I fix it?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Does not work:
gplotmatrix(cell2mat(Aata(:,[2 3 4])), cell2mat(Aata(:,[5 6 7])), Aata(:,[8]));

Accepted Answer

Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 11 Apr 2013
The gplotmatrix function plots into multiple axes (a rectangular array of them), so I don't see how to make sense of asking it to plot into one set of axes.
You could try getting the handles to the axes that gplotmatrix creates (returned as the second and third outputs), and adjust their position properties to fit in the area you have available.

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