How to add noise to every image in image datastore?

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Hi! I am trying to add gauss noise to every image in image datastore. I want to compare a network trained on normal images with a network trained on only noisy images. A found a soltion here:
The way the noise is added here, is by creating a TransformedDatastore, but I can not use it to train a netvork. It gives the folowing error:
It also threw an error every time I wanted to use it's own object functions, even though I followed the steps in the link above. I basically want to have two image datastores with the same pictures, one with noise, one without noise. Is there a way to do that?

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Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie on 9 Dec 2020
From my understanding you want add gaussian noise to all the image, you can use imnoise and loop through all the images from your dataset.
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Csanad Levente Balogh
Csanad Levente Balogh on 6 Jan 2021
Thank you! Yes I assumed it can be done with loops, I just wanted to find a more elegant way. At the end, I used the custom ReadFcn function of the datastore to add the noise. like that:
imageDatastore.ReadFcn = @customReadDatastoreImage
Than the function:
function data = customReadDatastoreImage(filename)
% other settings
% ...
data = imread(filename);
% other preproc (like imresize)
% ...
data = imnoise(data, 'gaussian')

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