can't install NI-DAQmx toolbox on MATLAB 2020b

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Just got a fresh new installation of MATLAB 2020b with server license on campus.
I am trying to install the Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for National Instruments NI-DAQmx Devices
from the add-on explorer
The installation/download proceed until the installation of third party software
then I am prompted with the following error
note: the latest MATLAB runtime version has been installed but the problem persists

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Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman on 7 Dec 2020
Hi LO,
Refer to a similar question asked.
Anmol Dhiman
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LO on 7 Dec 2020
thank you Anmol, I solved by restarting the system twice and trying to install twice the runtime libraries.
Somehow it was not straightforward and it is not clear why it worked....but it did :)

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Rvphilip on 20 Jan 2022
I faced a similar issue while i was working on a chatbot program. I noticed that this error is typically the result of a conflict between the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables libraries supplied with MATLAB, and those that are supplied by some third party applications.
One particular application that we have seen cause this issue is VirtuMVP version If you are getting this error and have VirtuMVP installed, going back to a previous version of the C++ Redistibutable libraries should resolve the error.
Note: This error also applies to software called VIRTU, though, in most cases such as for my chatbot development services, this software had needed to be completely uninstalled in order for MATLAB to work.
The following should be done regardless whether or not you have the software mentioned above.
To revert to a previous version of the C++ Redistributable libraries, you should uninstall all versions of your current 2005 and 2008 C++ Redistributable libraries through your Windows Control Panel, and reboot you machine. You can then re-install them by running the MATLAB-provided installers which can be found in the following locations:
For 32-bit MATLAB:

Daniel on 29 Jan 2024 at 10:25
I encountered a similar issue while developing a chatbot using MATLAB. This error is often caused by conflicts between MATLAB's Visual C++ Redistributables and those from third-party applications. In my case, VirtuMVP version triggered the problem. If you face this error and have VirtuMVP installed, consider reverting to a previous version of the C++ Redistributable libraries. Uninstall all current 2005 and 2008 C++ Redistributables, reboot, and reinstall using MATLAB's provided installers. This fix is crucial, especially for an AI chatbot development company.


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