converting RGB images to HSV images

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Mary on 27 Feb 2013
Hi all I have an image and I converted it from RGB to HSV. I know H is between 0-360 degree. when I separate the H, S, V , I found that H is from 0-1. could you please tell me what this numbers in H matrix represent? your help is highly appreciated my steps are
RGB=imread('Picture.jpg'); HSV=rgb2hsv(RGB); H=HSV(:,:,1); S=HSV(:,:,2); V=HSV(:,:,3);
Algorithms Analyst
Algorithms Analyst on 27 Feb 2013
Yes this is your normalized result because direct computing by calling a function rgb2hsv this gives you normalized result.if you wan to calculate manually you can easily caculate it.Secondly when you call rgb2hsv the direct functions assum that if image(image>1)=1 and if image(image<0)=0.It means that if the value is less than 0 it will appear 0 and if value is greater than 1 it will appear 1.
Mary on 1 Mar 2013
thank you Algorithms Analyst for your great information

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Thorsten on 27 Feb 2013
Just multiply H by 360 and you get hue values between 0 and 360 degrees.
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Mary on 1 Mar 2013
Thank you Thorsten for your great information

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