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how to change colour of lines in a figure

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Hi i have multiple plots with different colours in my i want to create one pushbutton,and whenever i push that button it should show list of colours so that i can pick one colour and can assign to lines shown in my graph.can you help me how to is my code
x = 0:20;
N = numel(x);
y1 = rand(1,N);
y2 = 5.*rand(1,N)+5;
y3 = 50.*rand(1,N)-50;
%# Some initial computations:
axesPosition = [110 40 200 200]; %# Axes position, in pixels
yWidth = 30; %# y axes spacing, in pixels
xLimit = [min(x) max(x)]; %# Range of x values
xOffset = -yWidth*diff(xLimit)/axesPosition(3);
%# Create the figure and axes:
figure('Units','pixels','Position',[200 200 330 260]);
h1 = axes('Units','pixels','Position',axesPosition,...
'XLim',xLimit,'YLim',[0 1],'NextPlot','add');
h2 = axes('Units','pixels','Position',axesPosition+yWidth.*[-1 0 1 0],...
'XLim',xLimit+[xOffset 0],'YLim',[0 10],...
h3 = axes('Units','pixels','Position',axesPosition+yWidth.*[-2 0 2 0],...
'XLim',xLimit+[2*xOffset 0],'YLim',[-50 50],...
%# Plot the data:

Accepted Answer

Jan on 27 Feb 2013
Instead of a button, you could modify the color directly by the line's context menu: FEX: linecmenu.
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rafi abdul
rafi abdul on 28 Feb 2013
thanks was very useful.i need one more help,for the same question if i want to export data to csv for the checkbuttons which are in check to proceed.

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