How can I run a jupyter notebook script from matlab?

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I already tried running matlab from jupyter using Oct2Py but it didn't work (error after error).
So, I'm wondering if I can use matlab to run a jupyter notebook script (this would be much simpler because most of my code is in matlab- only a small part of it (the machine learning part) is in jupyter notebook.
Rachel Dawn
Rachel Dawn on 12 Nov 2020
Say the jupyter file is called "kmeans.ipynb" How would I "navigate to the file and start it?
I'm a beginner at this coding stuff sorry
Sourabh Kondapaka
Sourabh Kondapaka on 16 Nov 2020
Do you mean to run all cells of the jupyter notebook from matlab ?

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Answers (1)

Sourabh Kondapaka
Sourabh Kondapaka on 19 Nov 2020
You can convert the kmeans.ipynb file to a python script by either of the followign ways:
  1. Open kmeans.ipynb -> Click on File -> Download as -> Python (.py) . The python script can be found in your downloads folder. Now copy the python script file to the same directory as your matlab script and then follow Lukas Hagmeyer's suggestion : [status,cmdout] = system('python');
  2. The other way to convert .ipynb to .py file is to use nbconvert python package. Fore more info you can check their documentation


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