detecting the color of a point in the image

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Hi all
I am new to matlab. I need to detect the tree in the image. first I tried to project a point with(Xp, Xy) on the image plane. now I need to detect the brown color at this point in the image. I know the brown color is a collection of red, green and blue. I convert the image from the RGB to HSV. I found in some webs that the range of HSV for brown color is about H(30-35 degree), S(0.3-1.0), V(0.25-0.6)approximately. my questions are 1- Is this ranges of HSV correct for brown color (can you give me a link to find the correct ranges of HSV? 2- I need help in writing the codes to check if the color of the projected point is brown or not? 3- can I use fuzzy logic to solve this problem? If yes, how?
Your help is highly appreciated

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Feb 2013
I have several demos on color segmentation in my File Exchange:, including one using HSV color space. Please review them. You can use Delta E as a fuzzy measure of how close each color is to your ideal brown color if you want.

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