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Create texture image from given Haralick texture features

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Hello, I'm trying to create texture images that have given Haralick texture features. This differs from the usual goal of measuring Haralick texture features on a given image.
My idea so far is this, since the Haralick texture features are just statistics derived from the co-occurence matrix of the image (or ROI), I should be able to create a co-occurence matrix that has the given Haralick texture features.
What I'm really not sure about is how I could possibly create an image that has a given co-occurence matrix?
Does anyone out there do a lot of texture analysis? Any ideas? I'm new to this field.
Thanks in advance for any insights!

Answers (1)

Thorsten on 20 Feb 2013
Justin Solomon
Justin Solomon on 20 Feb 2013
Thanks for the response.
This is actually the opposite of what I'm looking to do. This function measures the Haralick texture features from a given GLCM. I want to create an image that has given Haralick texture features. I propose doing this by first creating a GLCM from the given Haralick features, and then creating a texture image based on that GLCM.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Feb 2013
I think that is extremely difficult and probably impossible. You're talking about taking 14 numbers and building a small array (the GLCM) from them, and then go on to create an entire image based on that small array. I think it's an underdetermined problem.

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