How to do different scaling in x in maltab plot (multiple scales in X axis)?

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Dear friends,
I have a "simple" plot question here, but I cant figure out. In my project, I need to give different scaling in x axis. Because the information in some ranges are not improtant. I made a simple example to demonstrate my question, hope it's clear enough.
Please check the pic I attached. Lets assume my "curve" is this Y = X, X= [0:1:90]. However, the Y information for given X = [A:1:B ] is not improtant, so I just want to SHRINK or make it smaller, so that other range X=[0:A] & [B:90] information will be enlarged and easier to read.
Lets say A=30, B =60, C = 90. (Actually, any number is fine, just trying to make an simple example.) Anyone can advise me how to do it ? thanks in advance.
I tried to do [A:10:B] , but after the plot, the position of A B dont change, so not working :(

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 29 Oct 2020
There is no built-in command to do such a thing in MATLAB. One of the workarounds is to create multiple axes objects and connect them seamlessly. Refer to my answer here:

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 29 Oct 2020
forget my first attempt (deleted)
here hopefully a better code.
% let's generate some data
X= [0:1:90];
Y = 2*X;
% A, B segment indexes
indA = (1:31); % take the first 30 values
indB = (61:91); % take the last values
ind_shr = (max(indA):10:min(indB)); % shrinked portion of data
XA = X(indA);
YA = Y(indA);
XB = X(indB);
YB = Y(indB);
X_shr = X(ind_shr);
Y_shr = Y(ind_shr);
% plot vectors / indexes
X_shr_plot = X_shr(1)+(0:length(X_shr)-1);
XB_plot = X_shr_plot(end)+(0:length(XB)-1);
x_vector_ticks = [XA X_shr(2:end-1) XB]; % remove for Xtick labels the first and last element of X_shr (they already appear in XA(end) and XB(1)
for ci = 1:length(x_vector_ticks)
XtickLabel{ci} = num2str(x_vector_ticks(ci));
xlabel('X value')
ylabel('Y value')
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 4 Nov 2020
yes, I recognize it's a bit trickky - but the other option does not work on my older matlab.
I'm used to do complicated stuff that is easier now with newer matlab

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