2D FFT Wavelength Contour

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Oguzhan M
Oguzhan M on 28 Oct 2020
Edited: Oguzhan M on 29 Oct 2020
I've been working on image processing with 2D fft, and there are some points I'm struggling to understand due to lack of knowledge. The image below shows a contour of a surface -height map, and a fft of that surface. The figure on the right is the result of fft of the image with x and y axes indicating wavelength, while z (colour map) indicating the wave number, as the paper suggests.
What I normally use 2D fft for is to see spectral density figure. However, this time I want to achieve excatly same figure with wavelengths on x/y axes, and wavenumber on z axis. I attach the sample surface data I am working on, the resolution on both x and y is deltax=deltay = 55 (microns).
Any help/idea is much appreciated!

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