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am able to zoom only last plot ,how to zoom other plots.please help

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Hi i have 3 plots in same figure,when i am zooming only last generated plot is to select other plot individually and zoom when all other plots are is my code,please help
x = 0:20;
N = numel(x);
y1 = rand(1,N);
y2 = 5.*rand(1,N)+5;
y3 = 50.*rand(1,N)-50;
%# Some initial computations:
axesPosition = [110 40 200 200]; %# Axes position, in pixels
yWidth = 30; %# y axes spacing, in pixels
xLimit = [min(x) max(x)]; %# Range of x values
xOffset = -yWidth*diff(xLimit)/axesPosition(3);
%# Create the figure and axes:
figure('Units','pixels','Position',[200 200 330 260]);
h1 = axes('Units','pixels','Position',axesPosition,...
'XLim',xLimit,'YLim',[0 1],'NextPlot','add');
h2 = axes('Units','pixels','Position',axesPosition+yWidth.*[-1 0 1 0],...
'XLim',xLimit+[xOffset 0],'YLim',[0 10],...
h3 = axes('Units','pixels','Position',axesPosition+yWidth.*[-2 0 2 0],...
'XLim',xLimit+[2*xOffset 0],'YLim',[-50 50],...
%# Plot the data:

Accepted Answer

ChristianW on 7 Feb 2013
The function setAllowAxesZoom will do the job. If you add this example to your code, you are zooming in axes h1.
hz = zoom;
If you dont want to change your code all the time you want to zoom, you can create a uicontrol, like this:
hz = zoom;
hax = [h1;h2;h3];
uicontrol('Style', 'popup','String', 'red|magenta|blue',...
'Position',[120 243 50 20],'Callback',{@zoom_opt,hz,hax});
Since the uicontrol calls the zoom_opt function whenever its used, you'll need that function:
function zoom_opt(hObj,event,hz,hax)
% Called when user activates popup menu
val = get(hObj,'Value');
W = [0 0 0];
W(val) = 1;
for i = 1:3
zoom on
rafi abdul
rafi abdul on 8 Feb 2013
hi when i am zooming in x direction in specific range ,values are changing in x direction for red only ,when i select other tow colours and if i zoom in x direction x values are not getting changed.i want same action(change of values in selected range) for all the to proceed
ChristianW on 8 Feb 2013
Delete last line in function zoom_opt. (zoom on)
This will change all axes to the zoomed Xlimits:
function mypostcallback(obj,evd,hax)
newLim = get(evd.Axes,'XLim');
Thats how its basicly done. Iam not building in your axes offsets.

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