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Simulating URDF from Robotics toolbox but getting error "The parameter Geometry/File Name is a file that does not exist."

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I am trying to run the urdf files from ..... Robotics\robotmanip\robotModels\roboturdf but its giving me an error "The parameter Geometry/File Name is a file that does not exist. Resolve this issue in order to simulate the model. " I presumed that the urdf would have joint and parameter informations of all the robots in the roboturdf folder.
Am i missing anything?

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Hannes Daepp
Hannes Daepp on 2 Sep 2021
Hi Vaibhav,
It seems that you are trying to create Simscape models from the URDF files located in the robotModels folder, e.g. in the following workflow:
[robot, info] = loadrobot('abbIrb120');
ans = '/MATLAB/toolbox/robotics/robotmanip/robotModels/roboturdf/abbIrb120.urdf'
Most of the other file paths point to this same folder. We currently only ship URDFs in this folder. However, you can download the original files from the source repository, which is also provided in that output:
ans = ""
Therefore, to get these models to run in Simscape, you have a few options:
  • You can download the files given in info.Source and make sure you Simscape blocks point to them. As long as the file types are compatible, this will work.
  • You can go into your Simscape model and remove the visual links. The model will still run; there just won't be any visuals.
  • You can see if the robot you are looking for is contained in this File Exchange submission, which contains polished Simscape models for many of our shipping robots.
If this doesn't address your issue, please be more specific so we can better understand the workflow that you are following.

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