laser and camera calibration

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Mary on 25 Jan 2013
Hi all. I am doing laser and camera calibration using matlab. I downloded the calibration toolbox software and I took 20 sets of images and laser data. The laser data has the form (.csv) and the images (.jpg). To perform the calibration , the Laser data file is assumed to be in ASCII format. Two files are expected. The first file contains the laser range data. In this file each row should correspond to a laser scan. The format of each line should be as follows:
timestamp StartAngleRads AngleIncrementRads EndAngleRads RangeUnitType NoAngles [Ranges]
The second file contains the timestamps for the images used in the camera calibration sorted in a column.
could any one suggest me an idea to organise these two files? I tried to write a matlab program , but I still confusing.
thank you in advance
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Jan 2013
Do you mean the "Model Based Calibration Toolbox"? If so, add it to the products list below.

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