imnoise does not work as expected

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Brian on 24 Jan 2013
imnoise(a, 'gaussian', mean, var) seems simple enough in concept: add a Gaussian distribution of noise to an image. However, it does not recover the values expected.
Try: >> a = zeros(16, 16); b = imnoise(a, 'gaussian', 0, 0.1); >> mean(b(:)) ans = 0.1262 >> std(b(:))^2 ans = 0.040
The mean is not zero! The variance is not 0.1!
I can't figure out why the imnoise code produces this result. The code snippet is below.
switch code case 'gaussian' % Gaussian white noise b = a + sqrt(p4)*randn(sizeA) + p3;
If a = 0 and p3 = 0, then the result should have a mean value of zero.

Accepted Answer

Steve Eddins
Steve Eddins on 24 Jan 2013
imnoise clips the output to the range [0,1].
>> min(b(:))
ans =
Brian on 24 Jan 2013
You really need to add this to your documentation of your demos. I did not expect
I = im2double(imread('cameraman.tif'));
to normalize the image [0,1]. If you look at the documentation for im2double, it states "rescaling the data if necessary". That is subjective. Necessary for what?
The best documentation has mathematical formulas and references.

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