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how to add text/number in an image as it is the part of the image?

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I am aware the piece of code which Matlab teams have been provided here. My question is using this peice of code in my script.
I have this image which I created from a matlab code. In this image there are some pixels with certain spacing equaled to 1.This image will be read by a device and shown on the camera. Then I can move the whole pattern in x and y. I have 200 images in end from this shifting all are the same pattern as you see in the image but different position in x and y and I can define the pattern number in the loop that pattern is moving.
What I would like to do is:
add number for each and every pattern so that I can specified each pattern with its nnumber, like pattern1, has the 1 on all of the white pixels, pattern 2 has the number 2 on all of the white pixels, and so on.
Has anyone done something similar? Or has someone understood my problem?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Sep 2020
Computer Vision Toolbox, use the insertText() function. You can specify the position and color and font and font size; it writes into the array you pass in.

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