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How to change text size in boxplot

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John on 18 Jan 2013
Answered: roger on 14 Dec 2016
Would anybody know how to change the size of the font on the x-axis labels in a boxplot. For example I want to make the label "Urban Congested" larger?
I cannot figure out how to do it in the axis property editor.
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 18 Jan 2013
Edited: Daniel Shub on 18 Jan 2013
I can think of two ugly hacks that work ...
The first is to set the default font size of all text labels for the plot
h = figure;
set(h, 'DefaultTextFontSize', 30);
load carsmall
boxplot(MPG, Origin);
The second is to change the text label after plotting
load carsmall
h = boxplot(MPG, Origin);
set(findobj(get(h(1), 'parent'), 'type', 'text'), 'fontsize', 30);
It is not clear to me what boxplot is actually returning. It is an array of handles, when I would have expect the group. My guess is if you look through the code of boxplot you can find a cleaner way.
If you only have the figure file
hFig = figure;
load carsmall
boxplot(MPG, Origin);
saveas(hFig, 'temp_figure');
You can open the figure and get the handle to the figure
hFig = open('temp_figure.fig');
The goal is then to find the boxplot object. Unfortunately, the boxplot object this is just an hggroup object and there might be lots of hggroup objects which are not boxplot objects. I don't know how to figure out if an hggroup object is actually a boxplot object. You can however, click around and select objects until gco works:
set(findobj(get(gco, 'Children'), 'type', 'text'), 'fontsize', 30);
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John on 18 Jan 2013
I only have the Figure file and not the actual data. Can you set the Figure equal to h? How would you do that?

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More Answers (2)

roger on 14 Dec 2016
set(gca,'XTick',1:2)%2 because only exists 2 boxplot

Rodrigo Diaz
Rodrigo Diaz on 7 Sep 2016
Thanks Daniel Shub. The second way really works very well.


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