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Unwanted white line in the 3d figure

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The problem is as shown in the figure below:
There are unwanted white lines in the pdf file. I output it with export_fig toolbox.
However, in the matlab figure window, there are no these white lines. You can also observe that the ticks are not right either. Only the tick of '14' shows up.
And if I output 2d figure, this kind of issue does not occur. Or maybe I do not use mesh in a 2d figure.
I tink, probably it is something related to my PC instead of the matlab itself. I am using amd graphic card. Last time I had a problem with the legend, I solved it by updating my graphic card driver. But this problem still insists. I have no idea how it happens. Can anyone help?
Thanks very much!

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan on 8 Sep 2020
A similar question has been answered here. I hope this will resolve your issue.

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