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Can I simulate this example (diffraction pattern) on my CPU not my GPU?

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I tried to apply this example but it doesn't work, because I don't have an external Nividea GPU, I have an intel internal GPU.
Thus, can I apply this example with my CPU.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 1 Sep 2020
Hi Muhamed,
In the best situation, by simply casting your data to a GPU, the code following the data creation will run, so long as all of the functions are overloaded for GPU arrays. For example
% CPU version
a = rand(10);
b = fft(a);
% GPU version
a = gpuArray.rand(10); % Create GPU array instead of a standard numeric array
b = fft(a); % Call your code as you normally would
In the example you've highlited, the code should run fine by just making the following change
[gx, gy] = meshgrid( gpuArray.colon( -1, 1/N2, (N2-1)/N2 ) );
[gx, gy] = meshgrid( colon( -1, 1/N2, (N2-1)/N2 ) );
or what would be more common coded as
[gx, gy] = meshgrid(-1:1/N2:(N2-1)/N2);

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