How to process a 'function' that take inputs as blocks from two matrices

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Suppose there are two matrices A and B of size 6 x 6 (small size for convenience). If there is a function say, mat which takes inputs 'a' and 'b' as bocks of size 3 x 3 from A and B respectively. For instance, if function mat adds the corresponding elements of blocks a and b, then how to process this function on both the images A and B using 'blockproc' (perhaps) or any other method.
Note: Actually, A and B are gray scale images, and the function mat embeds the pixels of block 'b' into block 'a' (by pixel difference technique).

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Aug 2020
mat = @(a,b) double(a) + double(b);
%assuming that the matrices are perfect multiples of the block size:
BS = 3;
Ac = mat2cell(A, BS * ones(1,size(A,1)/BS), BS * ones(1,size(A,2))/BS, size(A,3));
Bc = mat2cell(B, BS * ones(1,size(B,1)/BS), BS * ones(1,size(B,2))/BS, size(B,3));
resultc = cellfun(mat, Ac, Bc);
result = cell2mat(resultc); %careful it is double not uint8
Abdul Gaffar
Abdul Gaffar on 31 Aug 2020
This works.
One more thing: Can functon blockproc be used here?

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