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Changing Wifi connection in Raspberry Pi 3 B

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Hello All,
I am using Raspberry Pi 3B. I need to use a different wifi connection in my raspberry pi hardware. Is there any option to change it through matlab or I need to reinstall the support package?

Accepted Answer

Nirmalkumar Doreraju
Nirmalkumar Doreraju on 27 Aug 2020
Hi Divyesh,
Please run the hardware setup screens again and you should be able to configure the Raspberry Pi to connect to a different WiFi network.
Go to Add-Ons -> Manage Add-Ons and click on the gear icon next to Raspberry Pi Support Package.
Thanks and Regards,
Divyesh Rohit
Divyesh Rohit on 27 Aug 2020
Dear Nirmal,
Thanks for your answer but it is the most common thin you can do. My question was regarding configuring the network connection though matlab after installation.
Nirmalkumar Doreraju
Nirmalkumar Doreraju on 28 Aug 2020
Hi Divyesh,
Currently there is no support to configure WiFi from MATLAB after installation apart from the setup screens.
Thanks and Regards,

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