How the results are stored in a .xlsx file?

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I have the following problem: I want to calculate the RMSE. More specifically I run the algorithm five times and then add the resulting results and divide by five to calculate the average RMSE((RMSE1+RMSE2+RMSE3+RMSE4+RMSE5)/5). I use the command writecell but only the last value of the error is saved the rest is lost. How to save the error every time I run the algorithm ? Below I attach a part of the code.
Your help is important !!!
results = {DA,RMSE};
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Rik on 21 Aug 2020
If you call this code every iteration, writecell will overwrite the file every time, just like you tell it to.

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Utkarsh Belwal
Utkarsh Belwal on 24 Aug 2020
According to me during every iteration the writecell function is overwriting the previous results, that's why you are getting only last value saved. Use the function as shown below to append at the bottom for every iteration,
writecell(results , 'results.xlsx' , 'WriteMode' , 'append');
Look into the documentation for more information.
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stelios loizidis
stelios loizidis on 24 Aug 2020
You are absolutely right. I tried it and it works. Thank you very much!!!

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