how to plot boxplot of two matrix

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Roxan on 15 Aug 2020
Commented: the cyclist on 17 Aug 2020
I have two matrix with different sizes:
A (13*5)
B (9*5)
I want to plot each cloumn of A next to similar coulmn of B, but with diferent color. (i.e. I should have 10 box within my boxplot plot)

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 15 Aug 2020
There are likely a few different ways to do this task. Here is one straightforward way:
A = rand(13,5);
B = rand(9,5);
xc = 1:5;
offset = 0.1;
w = 0.1;
hold on
The documentation for boxplot explains most of what I have done here. Check out the documentation for the hold command, too, if you are unfamiliar with that.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 17 Aug 2020
The solution I posted can be very easily changed to the case where the matrices are different sizes, but you didn't seem to like that solution, so I won't post that.
Especially when the data are different sizes, how do you want to decide which columns should be near each other?
You need to add more detail about what you want. You are leaving us to guess too much.

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