Save multiple .dat files using for loop

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I intend to save multiple velocity .dat files, while handling single file, I used as follows dlmwrite('test.dat',[xxx yyy UUFFF1 VVFFF1]);, Now how to modify while savig multiple .dat files.. Could somebody please help me with this.. The result should save as test1.dat, test2.dat ....
for k = 1:1:10
UFF = X_filter(1:ni*nk,k);
VFF = X_filter(1+ni*nk:2*ni*nk,k);
UFF1 =reshape (UFF,ni,nk)';
VFF1 =reshape (VFF,ni,nk)';
UUFFF1 = reshape (UFF1, 4650,1);
VVFFF1 = reshape (VFF1,4650,1);
xxx = reshape (X,4650,1);
yyy = reshape (Y,4650,1);
dlmwrite(('test%d',k),'dat'[xxx yyy UUFFF1 VVFFF1]);

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Sudheer Bhimireddy
Sudheer Bhimireddy on 12 Aug 2020
Try this:
fileName = sprintf('test%d.dat',k);

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