How to send data from MATLAB to Arduino an?

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Hi, I was wondering how do I send data from MATLAB , say a number ,5 to my Arduino board. The board contains some code in it. For simplicity lets assume it multiplies the incoming number with 4. The output , 20 ,should be displayed in the command window. Is this possible ? I know about a.roundTrip('data') function. But the one in my query is something different. (I work on R2010a)

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Jonathan on 18 Dec 2012
Edited: Jonathan on 18 Dec 2012
I suppose you could do it through serial connections. If you have a serial port (or a serial to USB adapter and driver) you can create and open a COM object in MatLab to communicate with the Arduino board (usually arduino terminals D0 and D1 are serial TX/RX).
The code would be something like:
arduinoCom = serial('COM3','BaudRate',9600 . . . ); % insert your serial
%properties here
sendData = 5;
fprintf(arduinoCom,'%i',sendData); %this will send 5 to the arduino
fscanf(arduinoCom) %this will read response
%or use BytesAvailableFcn property of serial
You will have to look into using the correct terminators and do a bit of configuration with that. Let me know if this makes sense. Usually terminators are something like a linefeed / carriage return or an symbol (*, $, etc.)
Break  Freezy
Break Freezy on 12 Mar 2015
Please can you help me , i wanna send 4 data from matlab to arduino how to realise without taping in command of matlab ?

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Nthai Papala
Nthai Papala on 19 Nov 2015
I need assistance. I need to send a binary data, say random bits (1 byte for example) from one computer to the other using LED and a phototransistor. The data must be generated in matlab and be sent over a serial port through arduino. I am using matlab 2015a and Arduino Uno and i need codes for both Arduino and Mat Lab.
Thanks in advance
Reyhane Jalil
Reyhane Jalil on 2 Sep 2021
hi i have same project ...can you send me detail of your

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Rouis Jihene
Rouis Jihene on 20 Jul 2017
Edited: Walter Roberson on 20 Jul 2017
I want to send a value from matlab to arduino,i tried this code but it doesn't work:
in Arduino:
void setup() {
void loop() {
if (Serial.available()) {
In matlab:
Do you have any solution ? Please help and thanks.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 20 Jul 2017
Rouis Jihene
Rouis Jihene on 20 Jul 2017
Same problem! Do you have any other solution?(using Bluetooth or something else)

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Syahmi Noordin
Syahmi Noordin on 29 Apr 2018
Edited: Syahmi Noordin on 29 Apr 2018
Hi, I want to ask about how to transfer more than one value from matlab GUI to arduino? I put 3 edit text functions in the Gui so I want the user to input value in each edit text function and those three values must be send to arduino for further calculation. Thanks.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Apr 2018
get() the String property of the handles. fprintf(a, '%s %s %s\n', str1, str2, str3) where a is the arduino connection. This assumes that you want spaces between the strings and newline after the group of three.
You should probably do some sanity checking to be sure the strings are not empty and represent valid numbers.

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