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Error using getappdata when Import excel with multiple sheets

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I keep getting an error which I cant seem to solve, all the code is the files, Import_PB imports the excel file.
The error=>
Error using getappdata
Value must be a handle.
Error in Import_PB (line 44)
handles.SheetsData =getappdata(h,'SheetsData');

Answers (1)

Jyotsna Talluri
Jyotsna Talluri on 9 Jul 2020
The error occurs when the handle 'h' you are refering to is not a valid handle of a handle graphics object .
handles.SheetsData = getappdata(h,'SheetsData');
Check if you have specified 'Tag' property correctly as findobj is not returning a valid handle
h = findobj('Tag','GUI_PB');


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