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ode45 Undefined function or variable 'Prav_Nabl​_NL_2mayat​_1a'.

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ode45 it was wroking in the beginning of the program however it doesn't work in the end of coding and i received this message ''Undefined function or variable 'Prav_Nabl_NL_2mayat_1a'. Error in Two_Inv_Pend_Nabl_Reg_070620_al>@(t,x)Prav_Nabl_NL_2may
Undefined function or variable 'Prav_Nabl_NL_2mayat_1a'.
Error in Two_Inv_Pend_Nabl_Reg_070620_al>@(t,x)Prav_Nabl_NL_2mayat_1a(t,x,K1,L1,C)
Error in odearguments (line 87)
f0 = feval(ode,t0,y0,args{:}); % ODE15I sets args{1} to yp0.
Error in ode45 (line 115)
odearguments(FcnHandlesUsed, solver_name, ode, tspan, y0, options, varargin);
Error in Two_Inv_Pend_Nabl_Reg_070620_al (line 195)
[t,x] = ode45(@(t,x) Prav_Nabl_NL_2mayat_1a(t,x,K1,L1,C),[t0 tk],x0);

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