Understanding the vision.TextInserter ERROR

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Hi all and thank you in advance for assisting me,
I am applying the vision.TextInserter function for my code simulation and I am continously receiving this error!
Can some one help to understand this error please? I am not sure what this is but I have been reading the documentation and still Its evading me!
Please help!
my code is;
ishape = insertShape(FirstBeatFrame, 'rectangle',bboxOut,'Linewidth',4);
imshow(ishape), title('ishape image');
numobj = numel(objArea);
%% This is Line 103 From My Error%%
hTextIns = vision.TextInserter('%d','Location',[20 20],...
'Color',[255 255 0],'FontSize',30);
itext = step(hTextIns,ishape,int32(numobj));
imshow(itext), title('itext image');
my error
Unable to resolve the name vision.TextInserter.
Error in blobAnalysis2 (line 103)
hTextIns = vision.TextInserter('%d','Location',[20 20],...
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almog haviv
almog haviv on 13 Jan 2022
How can I run this code with a usb camera ??

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Accepted Answer

Sindhu Karri
Sindhu Karri on 19 May 2020
vision.TextInserter is replaced with the function insertText .So replacing the existing code line with insertTextfunction will solve the issue
You can refer to the below documentation link on how to use insertText function

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