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How to distinctly assign job and get the result of each worker using "parfor"?

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I'm using parallel computing toolbox in order to parallelize my computation. there is a need for assigning an identical job with different data to each worker and after the computation of workers is done, I need to distinctly get each woker's result in the client process and use each of them for another purpose. how can I do this?!

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 7 May 2020
This sounds more like a job for spmd . Read more about that here: . Here's an extremely simple example:
myOutput = 2 * labindex; % labindex has a different value on each worker
myOutput{3} % gets the value from the 3rd worker
Bill Masters
Bill Masters on 7 May 2020
suppose that I have 4 workers and 4 input data as well,
conceptually I need the work be done as below, but I don't know how to organize it:
%func is a function defined before, to be done seperately
% by each worker with their own data in parallel

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