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How could I implement an array that is constantly recovering data through the entire simulink model?

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Let's say that I have a simple matlab function that computes the sum of two values. I would like to save all of the results in an array so that other matlab function searches for a value inside it based on some inputs.
Is it possible to implement something like this?
Mariana on 5 May 2020
Something similar to the attached model. Create an array of a fixed size where I will add the result of the sum. The other function will search for the result based on other input without the need to make the add operation.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 May 2020
If you would be looking for pulling back the result given exactly the same inputs, then see memoize()
Otherwise, would the idea be to interp2() on the growing set of values ? If so then you might need to use a datastore (or global variable)

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