Stateflow String Output - cannot assign string type to variable

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I am trying to output a simple string from the stateflow. I did try changing the type of y in 'Model Explorer', but 'string' was not an option.
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Katarina Vuckovic
Katarina Vuckovic on 30 Apr 2020
"string: String. Supported only in charts that use C as the action language." -> what does this mean and how do I use C in simulink?

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 9 Jun 2020
Characters are not valid Simulink signal types - only numeric, fixed-point, enumerated and bus types (with elements of supported type) are supported. See Data Types supported by Simulink. You can refer to Type Cast Operations section in this page
MATLAB is the default action language syntax for new Stateflow charts. String data is not supported with MATLAB as the Action Language. To create a chart that uses C as the action language, execute the following
sfnew -c
You can refer to this page to know more about MATLAB and C as Action language


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