Hat on letter on x/ylabel WITHOUT using LaTeX?

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Hi all,
I am wondering how I can add a 'hat' above a character on a plot without, however, changing the font to LaTeX, as I was my font style to remain default.
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dpb on 23 Apr 2020
LaTeX is not the font, it's the text interpreter...sure probably know that, but just for clarification/precision of terminology.
Can't be done w/ TeX as an interpreted sequence; TeX only displays a character from the set in the table outlined in the documentation under the 'Interpreter' property at text function entry.
You can try to use text to write two characters

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dpb on 23 Apr 2020
figure, plot(sort(rand(10,4))) % preliminaries...
% engine
hTxt=text(4,0.6,'x'); % location arbitrary for given data set
results in
Not perfect bit fiddling w/ positioning, font size, etc., etc., may improve things a little. It looked less obtrusive and more aligned over the character on the figure itself than the saved one here for some reason.
Robert U
Robert U on 23 Apr 2020
You can use the rotation-property of text() but the circumflex won't rotate properly in Matlab 2019b. Don't know whether this is fixed in 2020a.

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Robert U
Robert U on 23 Apr 2020
Hi Minas Emiris,
convert the circumflex from unicode to string via sprintf (see here, unicode table for combining characters found here) and use append to create the string for the labels (as shown here):
circumFlex = sprintf('\x0302')
fh = figure;
ah = axes(fh);
ah.XLabel.String = append('T',circumFlex);
Kind regards,

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