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How to use OpenDrive for road designing ?? Is there any proper guide for this ??

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I want to convert the real road scenario into open drive format and then import into driving scenario designer to makr some modification ,but i dont find any proper guide fore this can anybody help me please?

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Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra on 17 Apr 2020
For creating OpenDrive files Refer to the comments section of this MATLAB answer it has mention of many software tools that can be used to create OpenDrive files. For learning to load OpenDrive files to Driving Scenario Designer and make modifications refer to this documentation page:
Also, you can load OpenDrive files and make changes programitically also using Driving Scenario API. Refer here for learning about it :
You can move the object created using Driving Scenario API to Driving Scenario Designer App and vice versa also.
Hope this helps!

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