Can ParallelServer be run from a client behind a NAT (connecting to cluster outside of NAT)

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Can a client behind a NAT use Matlab parallel server which is outside the NAT?
I.e., we have an user running Matlab (R2018b) on a Windows desktop which is NAT-ed at a local/room router. There is a fixed, routable IP for the host to use on the other side of the router, but within the lab/room it uses a non-routable IP address. It is also not ping-able from the outside the NAT. The user is trying to submit jobs to a Slurm based HPC cluster which is on the other side of the router; i.e. the compute nodes on the cluster cannot "see" the desktop via the non-routable IP address, only via the routable address.
When the user runs the validation tests, the parpool test (which I believe is the first to require ability to access ports 27370:27470) fails complaining it cannot find the host. I have confirmed that the ports in question are reachable from the compute nodes (using the desktop's routable IP address), but am not sure if Matlab is using the routable or non-routable address (or even if it can know the routable address) when communicating jobs are submitted.
Can Matlab Parallel Server be used in such a setup? If so, what if any special configuration steps are needed in the Slurm integration scripts, cluster setup, etc?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 25 Mar 2020
It should work to specify the routable address at the client using pctconfig. Something like
pctconfig('hostname', '<routable address>')

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