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Load UR5 robot with Robotics System Toolbox

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I am trying to do a robot simulation of a Universal Robot 5 (UR5). I was pleasantly surprised when reading up on how to load a robot, that the toolbox supposedly already has a UR5 model called "universalUR5" (
However I cannot load it doing:
>> loadrobot("universalUR5")
Error using loadrobot (line 46)
Expected robotName to match one of these values:
'abbIrb120', 'abbIrb120T', 'kinovaGen3', 'kinovaJacoJ2N6S200', 'kinovaJacoJ2N6S300', 'kinovaJacoJ2N7S300',
'kinovaJacoJ2S6S300', 'kinovaJacoJ2S7S300', 'kinovaJacoTwoArmExample', 'kinovaMicoM1N4S200', 'kinovaMicoM1N6S200',
'kinovaMicoM1N6S300', 'rethinkBaxter', 'willowgaragePR2'
If I look in my MATLAB installation folder under "MATLAB/R2019b/toolbox/robotics/robotmanip/data/roboturdf" - I also see that I only have urdf files for the robots listed above.
Does anybody know if the UniversalUR5 urdf and meshes can be downloaded from somewhere and used in matlab?
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Mingfeng Wang
Mingfeng Wang on 13 Jan 2022
Now you can get the UR5 in the latest 'Robotics Systems toolbox'

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Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 19 Mar 2020
MATLAB does not natively provide the model for the UR5 robot. However, you can find the files from this GitHub repository: Although you can download the complete package, you may have a problem in configuring the paths to make it work with MATLAB. I have modified the urdf file to point it local directory to search for meshes and placed the meshes in the same directory. You can download this zip file and place it on MATLAB's path. The following code shows an example of how to load the robot and display it on the axes
robot = importrobot('ur5_robot.urdf');
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 28 May 2020
Sungsoo, you will need to find its 3D model and urdf file. It is not natively provided from MATLAB, so you will need to see if it is available somewhere else.
AC on 12 Mar 2022
Dear Sir, I downloaded "" and it sasy This support package provides source mesh files to visualize and simulate robots in the Robot Library. But i coudlnt find mesh files after downloaded it.

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