Variable size error due to hidden BusSelector Block

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I have a model where I need to change the two input arrays during simulation.
I tried to realize it in an embedded Matlab function (called 'Input_var'). I figured out how to pass on the variable size signals, however, I now get an error I cannot handle saying
"Simulink cannot propagate the variable-size mode from the output port 1 of 'batteriestroeme_060320_komplett_test_input_var/Lademanagement/Multiport Switch' to the input port 4 of 'batteriestroeme_060320_komplett_test_input_var/Lademanagement/Multiport Switch'. This input port expects a fixed-size mode. The variable-size mode originates from 'batteriestroeme_060320_komplett_test_input_var/Lademanagement/MATLAB Function3'. Examine the configurations of 'batteriestroeme_060320_komplett_test_input_var/Lademanagement/Multiport Switch' for one of the following scenarios: 1) the block does not support variable-size signals; 2) the block supports variable-size signals but needs to be configured for them. This message is related to a hidden BusSelector block.
How can I handle this hidden BusSelector block?
Attached my model.
Thanks in advance!

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