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Create Simulink Function from Generalized Linear Model

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Could any help me with Generalized Linear Models. I have used the Generalized Linear models to generate some functions / equations with coefficients to train and fit my Data. Can anyone help me with how to convert these equations simple into a function for Simulink Model.
Raghu Vamsi

Answers (1)

Prasanna Gude
Prasanna Gude on 11 Mar 2020
The Generalized Linear Equations can be converted into Simulink models by doing the following steps:
  • Convert the Generalized Linear Equations to MATLAB functions.
  • Generate .m files from the MATLAB functions.
  • Call the .m files using the ‘MATLAB Function’ Block in Simulink.
Refer to MATLAB Function to know more about defining the MATLAB Functions in Simulink.

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