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Mass Transfer - Forced Convection Boundary Condition

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I am trying to apply a forced convection boundary conditon to a time-dependent PDE. The BC I want to apply is:
The mass transfer coefficient, density, diffusion coefficient, and Xa are all assumed to be constant. What is the best way to go about doing this?
I set up a Neumann BC with
I was able to get a solution but wasn't sure if I set this up appropiately.
I also tried to set up a Dirichlet BC with
function BC = fun1(~,state)
kc = 0.0021;
Xa = 3*10^-6;
rho_s = 1500;
Ds = 4.1*10^-4;
BC = Xa - (rho_s*Ds/kc).*;
but I wasn't able to get a solution. Does anyone have any comments if either of these approaches are appropiate or, if not, how should I approach this probelm?

Accepted Answer

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 25 Feb 2020
Your Neumann BC approach is the right option. But be aware that you can only model mass diffusion within domain, forced convection at the boundary is fine.

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