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Save figure with black background and window

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Hello everybody,
I have several figures with black background, and I would like to save them and do something similar to the figure I link in this message (credits to A.Wherlé for the image).
How to get rid of the classic white or grey contour of the matlab window when I use save() ?
Thank you in advance and have a good day !
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Adam on 24 Feb 2020
Does it not save the figure in the colour you give it?
hFig = figure;
hFig.BackgroundColor = 'k';
and similar for axes if you want them black too.

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Accepted Answer

Samatha Aleti
Samatha Aleti on 27 Feb 2020
According to my understanding you have MATLAB figure and want to change the background color of the figure and save(preserving the background). You can change the background color by setting the color using set” and save to required format using “saveas”. Here is a sample code:
f = figure;
set(gcf, 'InvertHardCopy', 'off');
set(gcf,'Color',[0 0 0]); % RGB values [0 0 0] indicates black color
saveas(gcf,'Peaks.png'); % save as .png file
V.D-C on 27 Feb 2020
This is perfect, thank you very much !
Lucian on 3 Dec 2023
Thank you very much, also from my side

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