Using if and of two columns to find the value in another column

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Joe Sheckles
Joe Sheckles on 22 Feb 2020
Commented: Joe Sheckles on 24 Feb 2020
I have a shape file. I cannot attach it since it is too large.
But I used the code to read as:
S = shaperead('conus_20160101_24h.grb-var0.shp')
Now, I am able to get my table.
There are five columns: "Fields", "Geometry", "X", "Y", "value", "datetime"
What I need is to find "value" based on "X" and "Y"
For instance, if X is between 78 and 79 and Y is between, 48 and 49, read the value in "Value".

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 22 Feb 2020
Here, I use T as the name of your table,
lookup=abs(T.X-78.5)<=0.5 & abs(T.Y-48.5)<=0.5;

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