Reading Tar Files In Matlab

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Joe Sheckles
Joe Sheckles on 20 Feb 2020
There are a list of tar files
In the tar files, there should be hourly precipitation amounts and they should be designated by location (longitude or latitude or pixels).
I am told that it is possible for Matlab to import this data and organize (tabulate or analyze) the precipitation amounts according to location for each file.
I started with
filenames = untar('C:\Users\Joseph\Documents\NWS_NEXRAD_NXL2SR_KOKX_20100203140000_20100203145959.tar')
Then a few gz files would appear in the Current Folder window.
I would then write something lke
files = gunzip('KOKX20100203_145516_V03.gz')
This will produce a file with a name KOKX20100203_145516_V03
When I click table, it shows up in unicode.
So currently, I am even unable to get a legible table, let alone tabulate results according to location.
If anyone is able to help in any way, at any level (not necessarily even organizing by location, but just even reading or opening), that would be great.

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