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amin on 12 Feb 2020
Commented: amin on 13 Feb 2020
I want to use a MATLAB command to run a command in windows cmd.
For example I need to run this command:
C:\Program Files\prism-4.5\bin>prism -mdp -noprobchecks -exporttrans poll2.tra
This is a command to use external software called Prism and the output of this command is the file "poll2.tra".
I tried to use this command:
system(['set PATH=' C:\Program Files\prism-4.5\bin>' && 'prism -mdp -noprobchecks -exporttrans poll2.tra])
but it does not work.
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amin on 13 Feb 2020
Problem is solved.
Now I use this command:
system('prism -mdp -noprobchecks -exporttrans poll2.tra')
and I moved file to the current folder of Matlab and it works now.
Although I prefered to use other folder path.
Anyway, its solved!

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Answers (2)

Jon on 12 Feb 2020
The system command can definitely be used for this purpose. I suspect that your problem is with the string you are passing the command. I would first verify directly in the command window that the command as written is correct. If that is ok, then I suspect the problem is with the included quotation marks. Please see this link from @Image Analyst for some help with that

Rik on 12 Feb 2020
You should not set the PATH, but you should use cd instead to change the directory inside your system call.
I personally prefer to write my code to a temporary bat file, which gives you some more flexibility in writing the code.

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