problem using medfilt2

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Attached you can find the data. Please rename .csv to .dat, and just use:
load cond2a.dat
The file contains xyz with z values around 169. But using medfilt2 at the four corners the data is 0. How can I prevend this?
Thanks a lot,

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 10 Feb 2020
Your Az vector is mainly concentrated around 169, therefore normal median filtering destroys the sudden peaks. Using Padding option as 'symmetric' might help. Refer the code below.
load cond2a.dat
Ax = cond2a(:, 1);
Ay = cond2a(:, 2);
Az = cond2a(:, 3);
Znew = medfilt2(Az, 'symmetric');
figure; plot(Az);
hold on;
legend({'Original Data', 'Median filtered data'});
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Harald von der Osten
Harald von der Osten on 10 Feb 2020
thanks a lot for your help, especially for pointing out the option 'symmetric'. Harry

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