How to call some object handle from opening function of figure?

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Hi Guys!
I have a figure containing a listbox and pushbutton. What i want is that on opening the GUI, the listbox string sets to some matrix stored in the same directory. I put some commands in the figure opening function, but could not get the desired results. In short , am unable to call the listbox object from the figure opening function.
Thanks in advance..
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Adam on 30 Jan 2020
Assuming your are using GUIDE, which it sounds like you are, you should be able to simply call the listbox by the tag you gave it in the .fig file and then do whatever you want with it.
handles.listbox1.String = ...

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Accepted Answer

Vladimir Sovkov
Vladimir Sovkov on 30 Jan 2020
u0=findobj('Tag','lst1','Style','listbox','Parent',gcf); % search for all the object properties you used to identify it
set(u0,'String',[1;2;3]); % set a vector of numbers or strings

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