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Extract data from multiple excel files

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I am trying to extract data from a specific column from multiple excel files and save this columns in one table
D = 'C:\Users\Desktop\Analyze\';
for k=1:250
file = sprintf('Data_%d.xlsx',k);
filename = strcat('C:\Users\TR8E1MQ\Desktop\Analyze\',file);
x = xlsread(filename);
T = x(:,7);
This how I am extracting one column. I want to keep those and keep adding more values from other excel files.

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 10 Jan 2020
I would recommend you use fullfile instead of strcat to build paths. This way you don't have to worry about path separators.
Assuming that all files have the number of rows, this is how I'd do it:
source_folder = 'C:\Users\Desktop\Analyze'; %much more meaningful name than D
numfiles = 250;
data = []; %will be preallocated upon reading the first file, once we know the size of a column
for fileidx = 1:numfiles
filedata = readmatrix(fullfile(source_folder, sprintf('Data_%d.xlsx', fileidx)));
if fileidx == 1
data = zeros(size(filedata, 1), numfiles); %preallocate to the height of columns x num files
data(:, fileidx) = filedata(:, 7); %copy column 7 into output matrix
Mariana on 11 Jan 2020
Thanks. You were right. Now, I have different cells and on each of them all of my values of that specific column are saved.
I would like to analyze these cells.
-Plot in a graph all of these values and find max. , min. and average values
How can I do this?
Nusrat Chowhdury
Nusrat Chowhdury on 30 Mar 2022
What is the code if I wanna take multiple columns of each excel file in the same way?

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