Restricting output times when calling simfunctions

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I'm having a hard time restricting output times when calling simfunctions. Is there a way to do this? I thought that the 't_output' argument would do this, but it appears that this argument only specifies certain output times that should be included (see example below). Is there a way to restrict the output times to only certain specified times?
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sbioloadproject('insulindemo', 'm1');
normSim = createSimFunction(m1,{},{'[Plasma Glu Conc]','[Plasma Ins Conc]'},'Dose');
singleMeal = sbioselect(m1,'Name','Single Meal');
mealTable = getTable(singleMeal);
tOutput = 23.99;
tStop = 24;
simData = normSim([],tStop,mealTable,tOutput);
simData.Time % can we restrict output times to only 23.99?

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 6 Dec 2019
Yes, if you use tStop = [], then only results at tOutput will be reported.

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