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cglr on 17 Nov 2019
Edited: cglr on 18 Nov 2019
Hello everyone,
What is the alternative of while loop for the example:
rate = 2;
while (k <= period)
sum = sum + array(k,2);
k = k + rate;

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Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 17 Nov 2019
I don't know the starting value of k, assuming it is 1
idx = 1:rate:period
mysum = sum(array(idx,2)); % note that sum is the name of a matlab function
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cglr on 18 Nov 2019
Edited: cglr on 18 Nov 2019
Thank you.
maxDuration = 0;
while (k <= period)
if( myArray (k,2) > maxDuration)
maxDuration = myArray (k,2);
k = k + rate;
If I make it more complex with if statement like that, how can I use that idea ?

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