Create two fprintf in two diferent lines

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I want to separate the third fprintf from the second one. The code below first gives two first fprintfs correct however, it continues to print the third fprintf along the second row. How could I separate these?
fprintf(' E_11 \t E_11avg \t E_22\t E_22avg\n');
fprintf('%2.0f\t %2.0f\t %2.0f\t %2.0f\t',[E_11; E_11avg; E_22; E_22avg]);
fprintf(' B1 \t B2 \t B3\t B4 \t B5\n');
fprintf('%2.0f\t %2.0f\t %2.0f\t %2.0f\t',[BB(1,1); BB(2,1); BB(3,1); BB(4,1); BB(5,1)]);

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 15 Nov 2019
Edited: Guillaume on 15 Nov 2019
You seem to be aware that '\n' is a newline so why don't you use it?
fprintf('\n B1 \t B2 \t B3\t B4 \t B5\n'); %\n added at the beginning of the 3rd fprintf
edit: actually if I understand what you're actually doing, you probably want to replace the last '\t' on the second line by a '\n':
fprintf('%2.0f\t %2.0f\t %2.0f\t %2.0f\n',[E_11; E_11avg; E_22; E_22avg]);
And if you're not aware of what the various escape characters do, see the doc of fprintf.
Torkan on 15 Nov 2019
Thanks you
Now if I want to have space between each row what should I do? Or write caption above each one maybe using disp?
Guillaume on 15 Nov 2019
Add another '\n' to add an empty line.

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Torkan on 15 Nov 2019
Yep I got that


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